The History of (my) Dance

We’re excited to announce our show as part of the upcoming 2016 Minnesota Fringe Festival!

A lifelong girl-in-motion, Kalila discovered belly dance and knew it was the art form for her. But it came with biases, baggage and a sordid back story. Join her undulating ride through belly dance adventures. This show is multimedia featuring storytelling, lecture, and dance.

The Professor

If you’d like to follow along the creative process, join Kalila on her website, Artist Plus Athlete.


Who we are…

Smiling Lune is the Twin Cities’ premier theatrical fusion belly dance company. Based in the wonderful Uptown area of Minneapolis, MN and led by director Kalila Indivar, Smiling Lune Dance blends the isolations of Middle Eastern dance with a variety of influences to produce a performance that is uniquely ours. We strive to push the boundaries of belly dance and challenge modern perceptions of this beautiful art form. This is not your mama’s bellydance.


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