Smiling Lune performs "Frequency"
Smiling Lune is the Twin Cities’ premier theatrical fusion belly dance company. Led by director Kalila Indivar, Smiling Lune Dance blends the isolations of Middle Eastern dance with a variety of influences to produce a performance that is uniquely ours. We strive to push the boundaries of belly dance and challenge modern perceptions of this beautiful art form. This is not your mama’s bellydance.

Based in Minneapolis, Smiling Lune is available for performances, events, and instruction. We can design a unique experience just for you! For more information and pricing, contact info_AT_smilinglune_DOT_com.

Kalila Indivar

Kalila IndivarDirector, Instructor
Kalila Indivar discovered belly dance as an adult while searching for a way to become more active. She has never looked back. Beginning with local Oriental and folkloric classes, Kalila quickly developed a love for the richness of the vocabulary of dance. Later, as a choreographer, Kalila began to draw from her additional study of dance forms such as jazz and modern to add new words and phrases. Kalila founded Smiling Lune (originally Basimah Kamar) in 2005 to create accessible dance for a variety of audiences, expressing the full range of human experience through movement. Kalila and Smiling Lune have performed at venues around the Midwest, as well as locally at the Minnesota Fringe Festival, John Munger’s Rabbit Show, and at Patrick’s Cabaret. Kalila’s style has continued to evolve since discovering the technique of Suhaila Salimpour. She has achieved level 1 certification in Suhaila’s technique. In addition, Kalila has been fortunate enough to study intensively with Cassandra Shore, Heather Stants, Margo Abdo Odell, Deb Rubin, Ariellah, and Mira Betz. Kalila currently teaches Fusion Belly Dance at Smiling Lune Studio.


DeemtuCompany Member
Deemtu (Sara Julson) has always loved music. Dancing became a passion as it allows the music to flow through her. Early in childhood, Deemtu worked with ballet, tap, and jazz. As an adult, Eqyptian belly dance started as a way to encorporate friends and exercise. She further experimented with folkloric, Turkish and tribal styles of belly dance and developed a liking and respect for the variety. When Smiling Lune adopted Deemtu, it gave her a home for her love of all forms of dance and music.


JalilahCompany Member
Jalilah (Jennifer Emms) began her dance journey after being a stay at home mom. Her obsession with Middle Eastern Dance was born after she received a gift certificate for lessons. As a musician who was involved in both band and choir, Jalilah found in dance another outlet for performance. Jalilah has studied locally through The Aalim School of Middle Eastern Dance with Mirah Ammal, The Banat El Kamar Belly Dance Program and Cheek to Cheek Dance Studio with Amara, and recently began her study of fusion with Smiling Lune under the tutelage of Kalila Indivar. Jalilah has also had the amazing opportunity to attend workshops with amazing local dancers such as: Theresa Kane, Melanie Meyer, Aliyah Sahar, Shanaz Bahara, Mistress Tara, Julianna Rohn and the incomparable Cassandra Shore!


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