Smiling Lune Studio prides itself on offering small, boutique-style classes at affordable prices. We seek to support and build dancers’ technique and artistry at all stages of their development. We encourage teen and adult dancers of all shapes and sizes.

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Fusion Belly Dance – Roots

Sundays 4:30-6. With a focus on basic moves, this is a mixed-level fusion class. This is perfect whether you’re a belly dance absolute beginner, a dancer with some experience who is new to this type of fusion, or an experienced dancer wanting to perfect core moves, this is the class for you! We’ll cover the basics of belly dance vocabulary in the muscular dialect. Whether your goals are fitness or performance, you’ll strengthen your core and increase your flexibility, all while learning some fun moves and tightening your isolations. Please bring a yoga mat and water bottle. Noiseless hip scarves only, please.

Fusion Belly Dance – Branches

Tuesdays 6:30-8. Already understand the how to produce the basic moves muscularly? We’ll take the basics of belly dance, and ramp it up a notch or two. This mixed-level class focuses on drilling with movement across the floor, layering, and combinations. Whether you want more luscious 8s, a more consistent shimmy, faster twists, or to layer a 4/4 shimmy over a pas de bouree, we cover it all. Technique taught in this class is easily adapted for all styles of belly dance. This class is geared at giving you more more options and more expressive tools, regardless of your style. Please bring a yoga mat and water bottle. Noiseless hip scarves only, please.

Pricing for 1.5 hour classes

10-punch pass $110
5-punch pass $60
Drop-in $15/class

Student special: 5-punch pass $45 (Must show valid high school or college ID.)