Do you need help figuring out how to adjust your new belt so that if fits perfectly? Have you discovered the perfect way to secure decoration to a bra that you want to share with others who understand? Do you just want company to help you get through that bit of sewing you’ve been putting off but need for next week’s performance? If so, Costume Corner is for you!

Costume Corner Jan 2015

We meet once a month on (usually) the third Sunday, 1-4 PM. We encourage company and camaraderie while costuming, whether you’re making your first tentative alterations to a costume or you’re an experienced hand willing to share your expertise. (We will definitely have someone in the later category available.)

Bring your costume, supplies, and yourself. Optionally, bring a portable chair or workspace and your favorite teacup. We’ll have some seating and plenty of tea on hand.

As always, we also invite you to join us if you’d just like some company why you finish up your craft project. Any portable project is welcome.

Suggested donation $3.

2015 Schedule

Costume Corner is on hiatus for the summer and will resume in August.