To encourage creativity, fun, risk-taking and a bit of silliness, we hold a themed hafla (open stage/dance party) approximately once a quarter. Everyone is welcome to perform a piece related to the theme, or just enjoy the show.

Digging your Roots hafla, May 16,2015

As part of Dancing Ground:
Express your roots and heritage. Whether that’s your dance lineage, genealogy, or cultural heritage, or a combination thereof is up to you. (Belly dance in lederhosen anyone?) As always, acts can be as silly or as serious as you choose.

Want to perform? 6 minute limit, please. Contact All kinds of performances are welcome, but please keep them G to PG-13.

We will not charge admission for this event, but we will pass a hat. Doors open at 6:30.

We encourage audience members to come in costume! There will be prizes.

Tree Roots

Past themes

  • Eighties, March 30, 2014
  • Gay Paris (said with a thick French accent), June 22, 2014
  • Mythology, September 20, 2014
  • Taking Care of Business, October 25, 2014
  • Vegas, Baby!, February 21, 2015